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About The Company

Asian Bikes Pvt. Ltd. is a “Category A” manufacturer of Bicycle and Bicycle Components and a major vendor in all the leading companies of this Industry. The Company started its operations in the year 2003 as the Management’s Vision to expansion as they were already running a very successful enterprise i.e. ASIAN CYCLES INDUSTRIES from 1990’s. Asian Bikes Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned brand in setting and keeping the highest quality standards and evolving itself with new production possibilities. The Company has “ISI”licenses by Bureau of Indian Standards in all the components produced in-house. The Management is highly optimistic and has been acknowledged by a “United Nations” body for sustainable development due to the adaptation to SOLAR ENERGY and other renewable sources. The Management aim’s at leaving a Progressive Impact at both International & Domestic Markets and innovating the change. They have also come up with another manufacturing facility known as “ ASIAN CAST AND FORGINGS PVT. LTD “ where the focus will be on the automotive Industry.

Frame Manufacturing Plant

The Company has a fully operational and Conveyorized manufacturing plant with both Welding i.e. Tig and Mig as well as Dip Charge Technology. The Company has a license certificate from Bureau of Indian Standards of “ ISI “ mark product. The facility has a current output capacity of more than 10000 units of bicycle frames a month supplying to all the Industry Leaders. The facility is installed with pneumatic machines and the frames are precisely manufactured with Top-notch machinery from Taiwan. We are able to Manufacture frames of various pipe sizes and shapes, making the most aerodynamic and attractive designs. All the frames are coded and sent to the phosphating facility and the conveyer takes them to the Paint shop and ultimately to the Packaging Department.

Fork Manufacturing Plant

The Company has an inhouse fork manufacturing facility producing shock absorber and normal forks for all the frames manufactured in-house. We have been Certified by BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS for the use of “ISI” mark on our forks defining the high quality consciousness and providing solution for all kinds of bikes ranging from Standard to the MTB’s . The company aims at being the Industry leader in frame and fork manufacturing and further providing new innovations to the product.

Rim Manufacturing Plant

ASIAN BIKES PVT. LTD. has a forte in Manufacturing in Bicycle and Auto rims and are amongst the biggest manufacturers of the country producing more than 12000 rims a day. We are one of the Industry leaders in this product and are a well-known supplier to all the major bicycle brands. This product is again approved by BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS for using the “ ISI “ mark and hence a complete conveyorized line has systematic operations with high grade plating of nickel and chrome . The facility has all the machinery available to manufacture steel rims of all the sizes and profiles . The Company is also manufacturing auto rims and hence seeing the next opportunity to become the market leader in it. It is already catering to the aftermarket in auto rims category. The company has alloy metal bicycle rims also available making a complete powerhouse of all the kinds of rims and solutions available under one roof. It has been a major vendor of all the government supplies and hence assuring high quality and precision with on time delivery.

Bell Manufacturing Plant

The company has been manufacturing Bicycle Bells since 1993 in Asian Cycle Industries and it was one of the main benchmark of success for the company in those days. ‘ ASIAN ‘ is a well-known brand for Bicycle bells and has a successfully running manufacturing facility . It has variety of designs and all the colours available with super sound , Two Tone , Gear Bell and many others.

Paint Shop & Plating

Asian Bikes Pvt. Ltd. has a fully operational and conveyorized Paint shop and Plating section where Nickle and Zinc Plating are done. All the Bicycles are Painted In-house with variety of shades and colour codes and are precisely checked and packed. All the rims are nickel and zinc plated and up to the highest micron grades in the Industry and hence deriving ISI mark for all the products. The Company has a certified waste treatment plant and the packaging and wrapping of the products is done keeping in mind the attractiveness , life of the product and extreme weather conditions.

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